The capability development or CDG Grant is mainly aimed to support new projects financially. If eligible, 70% of the funding is provided for SMEs in the country to encourage new ideas and talented individuals. The CDG grant Singapore mainly aims to improve ten individual aspects of every project they deal with.

  • Branding and marketing: Singapore is known to produce world-class companies, and they want every project to get support to do so. They give priority in developing a successful brand out of all projects
  • Business Excellence: A robust internal organization is what makes the company work to its maximum potential. The CDG also aims to develop robust internal management systems in every company.
  • Intellectual property: New ideas and innovation which have the potential to be a great business get identified, and the protection of these intellectual properties gets high priority.
  • Financial management: Getting substantial initial funding needs proper control of finances not to get lost in the long run.
  • Standard adoption: Rising to a good standard is essential to take the business more ahead.
  • Product development: World-class product development is in the high priority list.
  • Service excellence: The service-oriented business is given the aim to deploy best in class services.
  • Human capital: The best employee strength is the only thing that can take the business to the top league.
  • The process to productivity: The process within the company is designed to ensure maximum productivity.
  • Business model transform: The entire business model is made to be of the top level to ensure better success.

Elsa Joe